Design & Concept

Design to optimise appeal, space, and energy use

Our design team can help you make the best of what you have – in terms of customer appeal, space, and optimal use of equipment.


We know what it takes for food retailers to boost sales. Our retail optimisation team has the experience and know-how to help you attract more shoppers, enhance their product mix, and apply technology to make the most of the opportunity.

Our food refrigeration systems are individually designed to ensure the most cost-effective, energy-efficient system is made available within the architectural constraints of the building.

Hussmann’s design teams in Glendenning (Australia) and Tauranga (New Zealand) are skilled in the design and development of special cases for clients. With our collaborative process, we hold workshops, exchange sketches, and engage in discussions with you to make sure we understand your specification and requirements before detailed design. You can visit our premises to see prototypes in actual size to have input into final design tweaks. Ours is a rapid design environment, with speedy idea-to-prototype cycles. This means we can help you respond to customer demands and find innovative ways to support specific shopping environments.


Temperature control systems for food storage, display and preparation

Everything you need to put food in front of your customers in the best condition and looking good is available at Hussmann.


Top notch quality assurance
Hussmann and Panasonic are accredited globally to ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Assurance. All OEM manufacturing sites providing equipment to our clients are ISO 9001:2008/15 compliant and certified.

Our commitment to quality goes beyond certification. We have rigorous quality assurance programs, supported by robust systems for monitoring and measuring quality across all our products and services.

Hussmann tests for every condition that our refrigerated display cases and their contents will be subjected, wherever they will be used. Base case designs are tested to meet regulatory and compliance standards.

Food safety is our priority. Each case is released for shipment only after undergoing a final inspection to ensure it performs as it should under the expected conditions and meets the customer order and engineering design specifications.


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