Pick-up made fast, safe, and simple

The Hussmann, Panasonic Smart Lockers, provides an automated, refrigerated solution to enhance your supply chain by offering your customers the delivery of their groceries and products in a secure, hygienic, and convenient way.

Smart Locker reduces the cost for retailers associated with ‘last-mile’ delivery by utilizing centralised delivery points while also providing customers with a secure and flexible way to deliver and receive a wide range of products. Items delivered to a Smart Locker can include perishable products using the three-temperature settings on the unit room temp, refrigeration, and freezer- on a self-serve basis with 24/7 access.

Contactless Delivery Solution

Available Now SGN141S - R290 Plug-In Beverage Unit

Enquire about our environmentally friendly SGN141S plug-in beverage unit. On sale now.

Enquire about our SGN141S Beverage Unit

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