People & Planet

People & Planet

Hussmann has commenced its sustainability journey – prioritising environmental, social and governance initiatives to ensure we’re continually reducing our environmental impact and improving the wellbeing of our team and the community. We are currently in the process of measuring our scope 1,2 and 3 emissions.

Working for a sustainable planet

We have been successful in providing food excellence for more than a century now.
Equally, Hussmann Oceania is striving and committed to supporting a sustainable future.


Our Responsibility

In 2018, the cooling services sector consumed approximately 17% of global electricity usage*. We are continually creating solutions that decrease the impact on our environment.


1. Reduction in carbon footprint

In order to achieve, we are pushing engineering boundaries to create the most energy-efficient products and engaging with retailers to take a more sustainable route. We focus on creating a more sustainable way of life and take pride in designing products that use less energy to seeking solutions that reduce the toll on our planet.

We are working on incorporating more natural refrigerants within our portfolio across refrigeration and HVAC to minimise the impact on the environment.



2. Energy-efficient merchandising

Leading food merchants rely on Hussmann for our energy-efficient innovations. We are always working to improve the energy performance of our state-of-the-art display cases and refrigeration systems and we offer retail optimization services to help food retailers lower energy costs throughout their operations.




3. Ensuring financial growth

While aiming to decrease the environmental impact of our business and our products, we also strive to deliver a win-win solution to maximize profit for our partners and customers by providing guidance at each step and focus on reducing the total cost of ownership.
Our retail optimisation team has the experience and know-how to help our partners attract more shoppers and we are now incorporating customer engagement IoT solutions in our product to provide digital optimisation.




At Hussmann Oceania, we believe in supporting a sustainable future for our community and environment.

We look forward to sharing our sustainability journey with you for a better life and a better world.


*Sourced from: Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Service Expansion in Developing Countries | Annual Review of Environment and Resources (



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