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Providing end-to-end customer
driven solutions and services

With our broad range of Retail Solutions and provided Services, we can tailor a solution that suits your needs.

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product range

With our commitment to providing quality products for our customers, our extensive range is sure to suit all of your refrigeration needs.

Quality Food Service Solutions

Our Panasonic Food Service range provides high-quality products for your food service requirements.

We are Local

Contributing to local businesses we are always striving to find the best tailored solutions for our customers, big and small.

CaseConnect™, our new Plug & Play innovative technology that integrates 8 IoT sensors into refrigerated cases. CaseConnect™ combines sustainability and increased ROI using innovative actions and real-time data on the product, customer flow and planogram engagement.


We have also built smarts to detect customer traffic to provide meaningful insights.

Innovating climate solutions for a better future

We are committed to providing our customers with cutting edge and innovative products and solutions that drive retail performance and promote sustainability.

With a passionate team of experts who are agile, determined, and knowledgeable - we are the right company for all of your retail needs.

Hussmann and Panasonic history

For over a century, Hussmann has continuously provided the most customer focused refrigeration solutions in the food retailing industry.


We can help you by creating energy-saving solutions that lower the total cost of ownership and increasing product life-cycle as well as sustaining the environment by lowering overall emissions and carbon footprint.

We would be happy to recommend Hussmann as a supplier of Refrigeration Equipment to any company looking for great service & quality units.”

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