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Discover Hussmann’s evolving suite of digital retail solutions designed for the modern shopper. From refrigerated lockers and dynamic video labels to IoT tracking, we offer integrated technologies to enhance the customer journey. Leverage NFC-enabled electronic shelf labels to manage inventory seamlessly and ensure your shelves are always stocked with what your customers need.

Display Products and Innovation

Hussmann's digital display products and innovations are crafted to enhance the in-store shopping experience. Our offerings include e-Promo Displays that capture attention at the shelf, Electronic Shelf Labels for precise pricing, advanced Shelf Edge Rails for interactive displays, and state-of-the-art LCD solutions in various sizes. These technologies ensure your store remains dynamic, responsive, and engaging for shoppers.

Digital Lockers

Modular Smartlockers with four temperature options (ambient, chiller, freezer, heated). They reduce operational costs for store owners by utilising centralised delivery points.

CaseConnect™ IoT

CaseConnect™ is an innovation from Hussmann Australia that incorporates IoT devices and advanced cloud-based technology into refrigerated display cases. It delivers improved efficiency, enhanced monitoring capabilities, streamlined operations, and improved customer engagement.

Digital Services for Retail Environments

Hussmann's digital services are designed to enhance your retail operations through innovative solutions. Our expert team creates compelling content to engage your audience, while advanced stock monitoring with Captana’s wireless mini cameras ensures efficient inventory management. These services help you maintain well-stocked shelves and a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

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