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We design with our customers for the best outcomes in merchandising, retail context
and new concepts and developments.

Michael Page

Director of Operations - Oceania

Hussmann’s Sydney office and R&D labs allow our local customers to meet and have face-to-face contact with our product development and technology experts who trial and test new ideas and concepts.

Michael describes how the best outcomes are reached, “It’s much easier to explain, show our process, workshop and develop ideas together, design and discuss the look and feel of prototypes we develop.”

“There’s always a new challenge - the demand from our customers pushes us to work harder to find the best solutions which end up being so rewarding for our teams and ultimately the customer.”

Tilek Aberra

Research and Development Lab Manager

Tilek is involved when new products are being developed. His team reviews customers’ feedback and compliance requirements and comes up with technological and design solutions to make products more efficient in energy, performance and sustainability.

“We are always open to the customer. We can test their products and input their ideas for further improvements. We collaborate with our customers and invite them to our R&D lab to see our work in action. They want to know if the performance is impacted by their proposed changes – and we share our results and insights.”

“It’s satisfying to work with a supportive team that fosters and recognizes creativity and commits to the continuous improvement of our products. We use different tools and networks at hand for the best development and testing outcome - we have what we need, to do what we do best.”

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