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Our After Sales & Warranty team are experienced and specialise in providing
the best product and service support.

Hai Dang

Production and Quality Manager

“Feedback from our large network of customers, contractors and partners define us as a market leader. They return to us and have confidence in our product – for preference and ease of installing, maintenance and performance.”

Day-to-day, Hai manages warranty and quality refinements with direct contact and feedback to the customer. Hai says, “With the years of experience of our core teams, engineering and technology helps support the warranty team to understand technical issues and learn from them for future use.”

“Putting the customer’s needs first and foremost - we are doing our best in the situation – the more we show our willingness to help, the more it improves our working relationship.”

Terence Sarlabus

Warranty Team Leader

“Our team continually evolve with our products – keeping up to date with industry and product updates.”

Terence has been with Hussmann for 2 years and he has shown interest in various operations of the business and had the opportunity to work across several departments. He provides warranty support for our customers, monitoring the warranty request query, support calls, direct emails and online forms.

“We work on a case by case basis, and depending on the complexity of the request, we are able to discuss with our local and international teams if needed. This brings out the best solution for that situation.”

Terence says his favourite part of working at Hussmann is, “It’s the challenge, growing technical knowledge in the field and being able to apply it while learning outside the box to find new and the best solutions – creating versatility and variety on the job.”

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