Transcritical Co2 Condensing Unit 4HP MT

Model Name: OCU-CR400VF8

Panasonic Transcritical CO2 Condensing Unit Model OCU-CR400VF8

The Panasonic Model OCU-CR400VF8 Transcritical CO2 Condensing Unit is renowned for its high energy efficiency and versatility in application. It is perfectly suited for coolrooms, showcases in convenience stores, mini supermarkets, and petrol sites. Installed globally, this reliable unit simplifies operations by eliminating the need for complex systems, ensuring optimal performance with environmental sustainability at the forefront.

Panasonic’s CR Series of C02 condensing units provide the ideal solution for supermarkets, convenience stores and gas stations.

Keeping food always fresh at right temperature in showcases or cold rooms is a very critical point. And one of the biggest challenges for those retailers has been the expensive effects of refrigeration breakdowns which can result in costly product wastage.

Panasonic’s reliable CO2 solution helps address the above issue by having a stable and reliable all year-round system to help maximise energy efficiency.


Unit Type

Condensing Unit



Medium Temperature / Low Temperature

Super quiet – Minimum 33 dB(A) @10 m with 4 HP model

Operating Range up to 43°C allowing for installation in various locations

Anti Corrosion Coating prevents salt damage for a longer lifespan

Automatic Fan – microprocessor control automatically adjusts the outdoor fan speed.

The ambient temp range is up to 45°C depending on models. Okay to say “up to 43°C” as the minimum among all the models.

2HP – Low Temp & Med Temp

4HP – Low Temp & Med Temp

10HP – Low Temp & Med Temp

20HP – Low Temp & Med Temp