August 20, 2020

IGA Carnegie, Victoria

It takes a lot to make sure that a store has products that are not only quality and premium, but that also match the needs of the community.

IGA Carnegie Plus Liquor, located in South-East Melbourne, one of the fastest growing regions in all of Melbourne, provides a range of premium goods. The unique range of products, especially in the pasta and delicious savoury range at the front of the counter, makes it one of the most desirable stores in the area.

This IGA store strives to deliver a shopping experience that the local community prefers, which is to shop locally and conveniently with great customer service, while supporting local suppliers and brands. This offers the shoppers far more benefits than just competitive prices. 

Owner Dina Andrawis selected the Hussmann cabinets due to their high quality and greater visual appeal in a variety of ranges such as the V-series Deli, doored multideck cabinets to RL range of freezers and was extremely happy with the manufacturing as well as installation.

Delivering good quality products with longevity, reliability and support along the journey is all what Hussmann is about.


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