Arch Plus

Model Name: Arch Plus

Take customisation to new heights with the Hussmann Arch Plus Dual Temp Mounted Cabinet.
Integrating with the Arch Series, the Arch Plus installs on top of the base Arch model, providing the ultimate in dual temperature merchandising.
The Arch Plus allows you to more efficiently utilise your space and occupy the vertical footprint in a visually striking and functional manner.
With simple plug and play, easy install, and the ability to re-locate without dismantling from the base, the Arch Plus is ready to adapt to your store needs.
Please note that the Arch Series or Arch-VS Series is required for installation of the Arch Plus.
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Unit Type

Dual Temperature



Available Lengths mm (2200, 2500)



3M1 (-1˚C to +5˚C)
3L1 (-18˚C to -15˚C)