August 20, 2020

IGA Cranbourne, Victoria

This project for IGA Cranbourne in west Victoria was a new store build. Located in a new development area of the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, the area is anticipated to experience high growth in the coming years.

“I’m proud to be an independent retailer, supporting my local community. My IGA store strives to deliver a shopping experience that my local community value, which is to shop locally and conveniently with great customer service while supporting local suppliers and brands, offering far more benefits than just competitive prices,” says store owner Salam Rasool.

The store was supplied using 100% Hussmann refrigeration cases with 80 bar coils for a transcritical CO2 system. The Hussmann cases supplied were the D series deli, RL freezers, MPD glass door MT cabinets and MJPE multidecks

MB Refrigeration provided the installation, service and maintenance for the store. The project was managed end to end by MB Refrigeration with a transcritical booster plant comprising a mix of Emerson Copeland compressors equipped with CoreSense Technology, scroll compressors on the low-temperature side and semi-hermetic ones on the medium temperature.

At medium temperature, the system feeds a glass door cold room for cold drinks, produce, dairy, and cooler for meat prep area along with the glass door coolroom in the liquor area.

On the low temp side, the system supplied glass door freezers and the freezer room. The system was fitted with parallel compression to meet efficiency and sustainability goals. Heat reclaim off the CO2 refrigeration system was incorporated in the pack, requiring no use of electrical elements or natural gas for space heating. They also built a compact air handling unit (AHU) with an in-built EC plug-fan and designed and installed a ducted air distribution system that comprises oval spiral ducting (as opposed to fully round), taking up less of the ceiling void. This ducting circulate the waste heat reclaimed from the pack and displaced it to the sales floor area for free heating.


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