October 30, 2023

Henry and Co Café, Monash Medical Centre

Henry & Co Cafe, situated within the bustling Monash Hospital in Clayton, Victoria, is known for its diverse offerings, including a wide range of main meals, sushi, sandwiches, focaccias, and a delightful selection of hot and cold beverages. Their services extend beyond food and drink, with inviting indoor and outdoor dining spaces and even a convenience store. To efficiently manage their diverse menu and ensure the freshness of their offerings, Henry & Co Cafe turned to Hussmann’s new range of Self-Contained merchandisers.

These units are not only energy-efficient but also EEI registered and GEMS compliant, ensuring adherence to environmental standards. With a spacious merchandising area, they can beautifully display a variety of Grab-and-Go options. The units are available in different module lengths, configurations, and finishes, providing versatility to suit the cafe’s aesthetics and space requirements.

The introduction of Hussmann’s H1T units at Henry & Co Cafe brought a seamless solution to their refrigeration needs, enhancing the display of their beverages and food items while maintaining energy efficiency.


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