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Digital innovations for food retail

Digital innovations offer you opportunities to both save costs and drive greater profit in your business. Our intense involvement with our retailer customers over more than 100 years has put Hussmann in the ideal position to understand retailers’ needs, while our position at the forefront of technology heightens our awareness of the exciting opportunities that beckon.


At Hussmann, we are always evolving our product range to support the latest in retain, including Omni-channel retailing and transactions. From refrigerated lockers for indoor or outdoor pickups, electronic shelf labels, dynamic video electronic shelf labels to IoT tracing, we’ve developed a suite of innovations to provide you with a fully integrated shopping experience.

To further add value to the customer experience, our digital innovations can work to capture store traffic and provide product information using NFC technology with electronic shelf labels. This helps you to effectively manage stock demand with your supply chain infrastructure, so you can make sure that your shelves are always stocked with the products your customers love.

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Coming Soon SMNH - Hot Cabinet Range

Feel the heat and enquire about our new and upcoming SMNH Hot Cabinet range to keep all your hot chickens fresh.

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