Model Name: ICESG-DT

Seamlessly change from freezer to chiller with the Hussmann ICESG-DT’s dual temperature cabinet.
Optimised to meet your merchandising needs, the ergonomic design and adjustable shelving allows for customisation to cater to any consumer demand without sacrificing the aesthetics.
Using inviting LED lights, R290 environmentally friendly refrigerant, and incorporating self-closing doors, the ICESG-DT effortlessly and stylishly freezes and chills.
Boasting a small store footprint with a maximised display area, the ICESG-DT will provide the best visual impact while reducing energy costs.
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Unit Type

Dual Temperature



Available Lengths mm (730)



3M1 (-1˚C to +5˚C)
3L1 (-18˚C to -15˚C)